downloadBecause it’s pink. Some people think it’s red, but on my screen it’s pink.

Either way, it’s pretty. Stinkin’ pretty, which makes my day smile.  My whole day smiles.

As a social media manager, though, sometimes I need more than pink. I need the ability to quickly and beautifully schedule posts across multiple platforms for multiple profiles, and I need it to not take up my whole afternoon.

Yeah, I know there are a lot of platforms out there. I get that, and there are absolutely good programs that allow you to schedule (even auto schedule) posts for optimal reach. That’s great — there are even extensions that allow you to schedule from other sites (which I am in love with).

I used to use those programs.  And it was okay – honestly, pretty good even!  Hootsuite was pretty great — I could schedule across a bunch of platforms pretty darn quickly! I saved so much time. There were some quirks though — the interface? not my favorite.  Not super user friendly for me, honestly.  I was so excited about the concept of bulk uploading!

But guess what?  Bulk uploading meant that I lost my images to my posts. And that was a deal breaker for me. I thought I’d shop around a bit — I found ViralTag. ViralTag and I are now BFF’s.

So then, you wonder, what does ViralTag have that the other sites don’t (besides that it’s visually far more appealing and user friendly?)

Instagram. Pinterest.  Honestly – that may not be the draw that brings everyone to Viraltag – but for me it was. Yes, Hootsuite sure does work with Instagram, but not optimally. Viral tag is an all-in-one kinda deal.

It’s kind of like Amazon for social marketing platforms.  I can find images, I can resize, edit and caption – and schedule.  One. Stop. Shopping.

Also, it helps me find photos – it’s like my helper that doesn’t get an hourly rate.  It’s like ‘hey! Hey, we think you might like this photo — give it a shot!’ And so I do, and it’s right.  It’s always right.  I can set up my RSS feeds for quick browsing, searching, and scheduling.  I can look over popular and trending items and determine what works best for the brands I’m working for. It’s fantastic.

Another favorite – customer service.  Absolutely phenomenal — it’s incredibly fast, and helpful.  And the one time I had a suggestion, I find out they’re not only open to hearing, but the one thing I don’t like (the ability to lump my profiles into groups) is already in the works.  They hear you – they’re moving, growing, and absolutely intent on making sure it’s the best management  platform available.

Statistics – it uses it’s viraltag-y brain to tell me how my posts are doing, and what I might need to adjust to reach my optimal potential. Because Viraltag is a good friend and it wants you to succeed.

We all need good friends. Pretty friends, even.

But if you need more information, then here’s some fancy-pants statistical information:

Viraltag users see an average of 25% more followers per month. That’s pretty awesome, considering that your whole point in using such a program is to, you know, see an influx in followers!  That’s like more friends! Viraltag is your friend that brings you more friends.

What a cool guy. Head on over to ViralTag and watch your social media marketing world evolve!